Polish sportsbook BetX has launched the iFrame solution from Oddin
The Polish bookmaker BetX is very well aware of the growing esports interest globally, and particularly in their homeland of Poland, a country that is already hosting some of the most prestigious esports tournaments worldwide, such as Intel Extreme Masters World Championship.
Oddin’s vision is to provide the most entertaining live esports betting experience. Their iFrame is tailor-made for esports bettors, focusing on wide coverage with the highest number of live betting opportunities and the highest uptime available. The quality of the betting experience is supported by an esports-centric UX/UI. Polish users will now have the opportunity to engage with an esports betting solution that understands their needs.
“We believe that younger generations are a key part of our future, and it is well-known that they love esports, especially here in Poland. We have been looking for an all-in-one solution and we’re extremely happy we have found Oddin. We believe that Oddin is offering a complete product with the widest and most customer-friendly offer for clients who may not need to search any further for everything they need to bet on esports and have great fun doing it! The integration was swift and flexible in terms of the development of specific features we needed. With their risk management solution in place, we are perfectly positioned for future scaling. They’re the exact partner we were looking for’’ said Mateusz Banas, COO of BetX.
‘’We are extremely grateful to find a partner like BetX that understands the potential of esports and wants to innovate their sportsbook offering. The iFrame integration was seamless and we’re excited to see our product live. The Polish market is a key esports region in Europe, with a massive following already, so launching there with a trusted partner such as BetX is just a perfect match.’’ said Marek Suchar, Head of Partnerships at Oddin.
The demand for a competitive esports betting product is growing at a high rate, especially in the previous months. It is now a crucial time for sportsbooks to decide whether to invest in a competitive esports betting offering or let the opportunity pass.

By George Miller

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