1000 new communities a day from 300+ games are adopting the platform, making game.tv the hangout place for amateur gamers
game.tv mobile app, launched just six months ago, is scaling rapidly to become the world’s #1 mobile eSports platform. In this short span of time, it has clocked 11 million tournament registrations, and now hosts one tournament every minute! It has very quickly become the go-to place for amateur gamers to play and sharpen their gaming skills through community-driven participation, backed by gaming vloggers, influencers, and huge prize pools.
game.tv hosts tournaments across hundreds of communities worldwide for an impressive 300+ top game titles such as Garena Free Fire, Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, and Call of Duty Mobile. They also host unique women-only weekly tournaments like Free Fire Diva Scrim Wars, to support emerging female players in the gaming and eSports space.
Aside from being able to compete in community (guild)-based tournaments for top game titles, gamers utilize the platform to become a part game.tv’s rapidly expanding network of 100,000 guilds, connect and interact with teammates via text and voice chats, enjoy video content from professional gamers and top influencers, and win amazing rewards from huge prize pools.
“This is an extremely exciting time for the eSports industry. The number of new people playing games has vastly increased, and so has the time that they spend gaming each day. A lot of players are amateur gamers with no guidance on sharpening their skills in eSports. Through our platform, we can support them by creating a path to pro for mobile eSports while fostering a grassroots community,” said Rosen Sharma, CEO game.tv.
“By partnering with game.tv, we give opportunities to many young gamers to start their journey with a mentor every step of the way. The live stream tournaments have seen high engagements from amateur gaming audiences. We hope to welcome many such young and ambitious players into our community,” said Ritik Jain, YouTuber and Founder of Two-Side Gamers.
game.tv is powered by an AI-based eSports assistant, ‘Tourney’, that can effortlessly run automated tournaments from start to finish. The eSports assistant helps communities, streamers, and content creators to create community tournaments. Large game developers are integrating with Tourney to help create vibrant communities around their game.
“Mobile eSports is fast evolving where the focus has shifted from a few big tournaments to organising thousands of tournaments a day for all types of gamers. We use Tourney, our AI-powered eSports assistant for hosting 1600+ tournaments a day,” Sharma added.

By George Miller

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