Hawks Talon’s Wes Acuff and KEL (Mykel Wilson) Played NBA 2K21 with the Chicago Rapper as part of Talon Takeover

Hawks Talon GC, the official NBA 2K League affiliate of the Atlanta Hawks, hosted a special livestream on the team’s official Twitch channel as part of a recently-announced content series called Talon Takeover. As part of the stream, Hawks Talon’s Team Manager and Head Coach Wesley Acuff as well as the team’s guard KEL (Mykel Wilson) were joined by Chicago rapper Lil Eazzyy. Lil Eazzyy is known for sporting an ironclad flow, razor sharp wordplay, spellbinding storytelling, and no shortage of ambition. He motivates by unleashing unapologetic, unfiltered and undeniable truth.

“It was great to continue our Talon Takeover series with Lil Eazzyy and KEL,” said Acuff. “Lil Eazzyy’s music has been inspiring and having an opportunity to learn more about him was a great experience for our fans. Lil Eazzyy showed us his skills on the sticks, and we had some fun in tonight’s games online.”

As part of the stream, they discussed his background, his new music as well as his love for basketball and video games.

“Video games have always been my outlet,” said Lil Eazzyy. “I’ve been a 2K fan for as long as I can remember, so thank you for allowing me to be a part of this takeover.”

Throughout 2020, Lil Eazzyy picked up even more steam via “Listen Up,” “Letter To Tracy,” and “Yerk Attack.” He also posted freestyles on Instagram and hit the studio daily. Around the time of his high school graduation, a freestyled snippet of “Onna Come Up” exploded to the tune of 155K views. Meeting fan demand head-on, he finished the track, and it would be touted in video montages by top Fortnite players such as Chronic Hazard, Cultures, Yusa, Keeny, Fakeify, and more. It scaled the Spotify US Viral Chart, breaking him into Rolling Stone’s Breakthrough 25 Chart and into the Spotify Top 25 while claiming real estate on playlists, including RapCaviar, Most Necessary, and more. Reaching 1 million streams per week in September 2020, it cracked 7.1 million Spotify streams by October. Racking up 15 million streams in under six months and receiving looks from RapCaviar, HipHopDX, and more, Lil Eazzyy infuses intensity into a viscerally versatile signature style on a series of singles for his 2020 Underrated EP.

By George Miller

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