Wisconsin-based Spectrum Industries and Bucks’ 2K League franchise to award esports equipment to Milwaukee-area nonprofit or high school and collaborate on esports furniture and design

Spectrum Industries, a leading education and computing furniture manufacturer based in Wisconsin, has become an official partner of Bucks Gaming. As part of the partnership, Bucks Gaming and Spectrum Industries will work together to form a community esports initiative and will collaborate on esports furniture and product design.

The community initiative element of the partnership will give one local nonprofit or high school in the Milwaukee area the chance to win gaming systems and furniture to jumpstart their own esports program. Bucks Gaming and Spectrum Industries will request submissions from nonprofits and high schools that are looking to begin an esports program, with the winning location receiving esports equipment to support the development or growth of the program. More information on this initiative will be announced at a later date.

Bucks Gaming will also work with Spectrum Industries to collaborate on esports furniture and products that best suit professional and at-home gamers’ needs, from comfort to usage. Bucks Gaming players and staff will work closely with Spectrum Industries to develop and enhance its current esports product lines by sharing ideas, helping with design and going through the testing and group sampling process. This entire collaboration and process will be documented through a season-long video series.


By George Miller

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