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Resolut1on, gpK~, Jame and Adekvat become teachers at CyberBox


Skillbox online university and ESforce Holding have established CyberBox esports academy. The courses include “Dota 2 Academy”, “CS:GO Academy”, “Esports management”, “Esports commentator” and “Streamer”. In addition to taking courses, students will join a special gaming community with access to personal training from industry experts, special tournaments for practice and master classes.

Here is the CyberBox teachers list:

  • Dmitry DM Dorokhin, Dota 2 player;

  • Danil gpK~ Skutin, Dota 2 player;

  • Roman Resolut1on Fominok, Dota 2 player;

  • Dzhami Jame Аli, CS:GO player;

  • Mareks YEKINDAR Gaļinskis, CS:GO player;

  • Rustam Adekvat Маvlutov, commentator at RuHub studio;

  • Evgeniy sleepsomewhile Slipchik, commentator and analyst at RuHub studio;

  • Alexander DkPhobos Kucherya, professional Dota 2 player;

  • Dastan dastan Akbaev, CS:GO coach;

  • Alexey ace Kazakov, professional CS:GO player and coach;

  • Efim Kuznetsov, event manager at Epic Esports Events, organizer of the EPICENTER tournament series;

  • Egor Porsev, director of the sports department at the Russian esports Federation;

  • Alexey Kushnirenko, manager at the Russian esports Federation, organizer of interactive football competitions;

  • Ksyusha Zanuda Sevastyanova, streamer and blogger;

  • Julia koshkamoroshka Koshkina, music streamer, songwriter and performer;

  • Roman Gnumme Oleinik, Hearthstone streamer;

  • Anton Mob5terTV Erokhin, streamer, manager and creator.

The courses are starting in December 2020.

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