The F1 Esports Pro Series presented by Aramco started in style last month as Alfa Romeo’s Jarno Opmeer dominated in Event 1, securing two victories, and reigning champion David Tonizza also picked up a crucial win for Ferrari, as fans were treated to three fantastic races. You can view the ‘Top 5 moments’ from Event 1 on YouTube here, and are free to embed this in editorial if you wish.
Event 2 gets underway on Wednesday afternoon with a trip to Zandvoort, a brand new circuit for the F1 Esports Pro Series, before battling out it on a fan favourite – the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. Thursday’s action will see drivers go wheel to wheel at the Red Bull Ring, to round off the first half of the series.
The live shows will be streamed online via F1’s official channels on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Huya, as well as broadcast on television by international partners such as ESPN (US), Sky (UK) and Ziggo (Netherlands), whilst Qualifying show content will be streamed exclusively on Twitch, YouTube and Huya (China). For full information about the Pro Series visit: https://www.f1esports.com/
Please see the table below for the full breakdown of the platform splits so you don’t miss a moment of the action:

Day Session Time (GMT) Coverage
Wednesday 4 November Qualifying Show 1
(featuring Quali. 1 highlights and Quali. 2 live)
15:30 – 16:45 Twitch / YouTube / Huya (China)
Evening Show 1
(featuring Quali. 1 and Quali. 2 highlights, Race 1 re-run and Race 2 live)
19:30 – 21:00 TV & Online
Thursday 5 November Qualifying Show 2
(featuring Qualifying 3 live)
15:30 – 16:45 Twitch / YouTube / Huya (China)
Evening Show 2
(featuring Quali/Race 1 and Quali/Race 2 highlights, Quali. 3 highlights and Race 3 live)
19:30 – 21:00 TV & Online

Drivers competing in this year’s Pro Series have combined to build the ultimate gaming playlist for F1 Tracks, featuring songs that get them in the zone and the tunes they blast when they’ve secured a win! The playlist caters for all tastes, and features massive tracks from KAM-BU, Nothing But Thieves, You Me At Six, The Weeknd, Queen, Kings of Leon and even Elvis Presley! You can find links to the playlist below:
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2YmjQL3 / Deezer: https://bit.ly/3hBqsgc  / Apple: https://apple.co/3jkgArh
Ahead of the second round of races for this year’s Pro Series, we also caught up with three of the competition’s stars to get their thoughts about the upcoming season. Please feel free to use these comments in editorial around the build-up to Event 2.
Marcel Kiefer
On visiting the Red Bull Performance Centre in October
Marcel: “I’ve been to the Red Bull Performance Centre with the team. It was a really great experience, because we got to know more stuff about all the other areas that we don’t usually cover in our Esports training, like the physical activities, scheduling and how important it is to sleep and get physical exercises that can really increase your performance. It helped us a lot, and I think it already shows we’re in a good position for the season.”
Who to watch out for in terms of competitors
Marcel: “I think Alfa Romeo definitely. I mean we already knew that Alfa Romeo would be good this year. I expected Mercedes to be stronger, but maybe they will bounce back from the first event because it didn’t go that well for them. Alpha Tauri were also pretty solid. Renault looks really strong this year. I think we are in a really close season and Ferrari probably people expected them to be a bit stronger. But they also had technical difficulties during the first event, so we don’t know. I think Alfa is the big surprise. They made a huge step from last year.”
On their chances to win the title
Marcel: “I think we can win both the Drivers and Team championship. We have a solid pair with me and Freddie. And I’ve already proven I can fight up there. And we all know Freddie can do it. So yeah, I believe we have what it takes for both titles. Obviously, the focus is on the Team championship, because we are already Team Champions from last year and we want to keep that title. But if it doesn’t work out, we will just reapproach next year, just try to improve other areas. I mean, it’s so tight that you cannot even be mad if you lose, you obviously want to win. But everyone’s so good. They all work incredibly hard all teams. So if they win, they deserve it.”
Dani Bereznay
On preparing for Event 2 of the season
Dani: “We’ve had a lot less time to prepare compared to what we had ahead of the first event. I don’t think the field will be as tight as it was [last time] as people who adapt faster to the new circuits can have a bigger advantage. I’m pretty confident that we are the ones to beat ahead of the second event but Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, even the Williams guys, look pretty strong. Alpha Tauri and Renault included. To get in the top 10 will be really difficult.”
On main competitors for the title
Dani: “I think it’s good to be the team to beat but Alpha Tauri with Joni Tormala and Red Bull with Marcel Kiefer and Frederik Rasmussen are an insanely fast pair. Also, Ferrari with Enzo Bonito and the former champion, David Tonizza, are really big threats. If you see the timings and not just the results, there is maximum one tenth of a second that separates us from most of the field. It’s basically one apex, one little mistake, and the championship can turn upside down pretty quickly. That’s why esports is so good! We definitely don’t treat it like we’ve already won and we definitely won’t let off as the others are super motivated.”
On esports drivers making mistakes
Dani: “The gaps are pretty small in esports and it’s crazy to watch because we as drivers remember every single mistake of our laps. There are some mistakes that are inevitable, but there are some minor inaccuracies in our driving that we get frustrated about. What separates Jarno [Opmeer] from other drivers is that what he can do in a practice session he can pretty much replicate in the real life thing which is really hard as the pressure is so high.”
On his relationship with teammate Jarno
Dani: “It’s really important for me [to have a partner like Jarno]. I think we can push each other and the thing is with f1 esports is that we don’t know any of the other teams lap times. So to have a competitive teammate sets a good benchmark because if you have a slower teammate and you are beating him by one or two tenth of a second per lap you don’t know what kind of level you’re at. But with Jarno, if you’re beating him, you’re basically beating all the top guys. I think we push each other forward and set a pretty great benchmark on what could be the actual lap times. I want him to perform well and I want to perform well myself. Of course I want to finish in front but if I finish second then I want it to be my teammate rather than someone from another team.”
Cedric Thome
On what he learnt from former teammate Jarno Opmeer
Cedric: “Jarno is rapid, he’s amazing. He was really quick last year as well but he had some moments where he was really unlucky. He’s doing an amazing job [this year], he’s first in the championship and he deserves to be where he is.”
On his passion for darts
Cedric: “Yes, I love darts and obviously with us racing from home this year I have a board in my room so if I can throw a few [darts]. I feel like it’s a good chance to free your mind and just throw some darts. It doesn’t really help my concentration for F1.”

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