The Global Esports Federation (GEF) has established advisory councils for stakeholders in the esports industry, namely, international esports federations and esports publishers and developers.  International Federations Advisory Council (IFAC) will be advisory council for federations, while the Publishers and Developers Advisory Council (PDAC) will provide expert advice to esports publishers and developers.
The GEF Executive Committee has also appointed Dr. Chungwon Choue, President of World Taekwondo, as Chair of the IFAC.
“World Taekwondo is proud to be among the first International Federations to join the GEF in ushering the digital era for traditional sports. I am therefore honored to chair the IFAC and enhance the understanding among the International Federations about esports,” said Dr. Chungwon Choue. “The IFAC will help to strengthen the convening efforts of the GEF for the world’s dynamic esports community; deepening awareness on the power of technology in sport and our daily lives, as well as facilitating greater dialogue between International Federations and technology partners, creating new opportunities to extend real sport experience beyond reality.”
“The technological know-how to simulate real sport practice in a digital space now exists and the demand is well established and growing,” said Chris Chan, President, Global Esports Federation. “Our daily lives are very much immersed in technology; and it will continue to play a vital role with the power to enhance physical sport and societal connections.  We look to convene this powerful community and facilitate real opportunities to develop, prosper and grow.”
“The communication and cooperation between publishers and the member federations is imperative to create the conditions for the convergence of esports, virtual and traditional sport to thrive,” said Hideki Okamura, Chairman of the Board of SEGA Group Co., Ltd, Representative Director of Japan esports Union (JeSU), and Member of the GEF Board. “The PDAC will be an added impetus to bridge the two worlds – esports and sport – and jointly develop avenues to advance the opportunities for esports.”

By Niji Narayan

Niji Narayan has been in the writing industry for well over a decade or so. He prides himself as one of the few survivors left in the world who have actually mastered the impossible art of copy editing. Niji graduated in Physics and obtained his Master’s degree in Communication and Journalism. He has always interested in sports writing and travel writing. He has written for numerous websites and his in-depth analytical articles top sports magazines like Cricket Today and Sports Today. He reports gaming industry headlines from all around the globe.