South Korean gaming social platform Ludena Protocol has entered into a strategic partnership with Theta Network, the blockchain-based content delivery platform that enables high-bandwidth content delivery using decentralised technology.
As part of the deal, the Ludena Protocol Dapp, GameTalkTalk will integrate the Theta protocol into its gaming-centric social platform that rewards users for gaming-related activities. Theta Network will bring its high-quality esports, gaming and blockchain content to the 3 million+ GameTalkTalk users. Users will earn rewards with the TFUEL token for watching and sharing their bandwidth and videos with other network users and engaging with the content. This partnership will mark the first launch of Theta Live Mobile Embed for Android apps in Korea.
“GameTalkTalk is an ideal partner to launch our Theta Live Mobile Embed product powered by the Theta Network, allowing viewers to relay esports and game streams to their peers and earn Theta token rewards, TFUEL, just for watching and sharing their bandwidth resources. In just a couple of months after announcing Theta Live Embed, it is now live on more than dozens of partner sites globally and we are excited to branch out to Korea for the first time and to onboard local content,” Mitch Liu, CEO of Theta Labs, said.
Theta Labs will also be supporting Ludena Protocol’s global expansion plan through marketing cooperation, while offering GameTalkTalk users an influx of gaming content and added platform rewards. Also, Theta Labs has agreed to provide an exclusive GameTalkTalk channel on Theta TV, which will feature Ludena Protocol’s in-house content, which will be broadcasted to the Theta community, which boasts 5 million+ users.
“We hope that the cooperation between Theta Labs, which showcases an excellent model of disruptive blockchain-based service, and the Ludena Protocol Foundation, which seeks to create an innovative global gaming ecosystem through a gaming social platform, will lead to achievements that are long remembered in the blockchain gaming market,” Joshua Kim, CEO of Ludena Protocol, said.

By Niji Narayan

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