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BRK Co-sponsors Invitational Round of Balance Gaming eSports Tournament “Pros vs Joes”


BRK Inc. has announced that it will co-sponsor the Invitational round of Balance Gaming eSports tournament, “Pros vs Joes.”

The Tournament Qualifier #1 is set to start on July 11-12. The sponsorship will help to promote and spur awareness of the BRK Gen2 platform in the exciting industry vertical of eSports.

“This co-sponsorship will allow BRK to explore a deeper collaboration with Balance Gaming by taking part in an exciting eSports competition based in Asia and open to competitors globally, including from the USA. This competition will see contestants compete in such games as ‘Street Fighter V’, ‘Tekken 7’, ‘Granblue Fantasy Versus’ and ‘Soul Calibur VI’. According to Statista, the global eSports market will be worth $1.059bn in revenue in 2020, growing to $1.598bn in 2023. We view eSports as a promising growth market that leverages digitally streamed content and lends itself to the ability of our Gen2 platform to increase customer engagement and enhance revenue streams,” Daniel Serruya, CEO of BRK, said.

“We are pleased to be able to both showcase our Gen2 brand and to pursue collaboration opportunities in a cost efficient and shareholder value accretive manner. We look forward to expanding our presence in further industry verticals in the near term,” Michael Kovacocy, Head of Corporate Development and Investor Relations, said.

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