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Global Esports Federation Partners with Dentsu

The Global Esports Federation has entered into a strategic partnership with Dentsu Inc. to promote the global development and growth of esports.
“We are certain that this strategic partnership will strengthen the future prospects of the GEF, expanding the vital work that the team has already established. We look to Dentsu for their expertise to bring together the best of esports and sport, further fulfilling our mission to elevate esports and the world’s esports ecosystem,” Chris Chan, President of Global Esports Federation, said.
The strategic partnership will focus on joint efforts to develop new marketing programmes and esports events. In collaboration with Japan esports Union (JeSU), a member of the Federation, Dentsu will lend its expertise and experience to collaborate with various game publishers, commercial partners and various international organisations to further elevate the credibility, legitimacy and prestige for esports.

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