The organizers of BEYOND EPIC series announce a raffle for the virtual seats campaign visitors. Up to 20 fans of the teams-participants will be able to support their favorite players by joining the live broadcast in Zoom. Every day, two fans chosen by the organizers will receive 100 Battle Pass levels each.

Before each match, up to 20 fans will be able to access the “waiting room”. The participants will have to use their SteamID as their names and spend at least 60 minutes in the “virtual seat” with your webcam on.

During the matches, the fans’ video feeds will be included in RuHub Studio’s live broadcast. By doing this, the organizers hope to both make the viewer’s experience more diverse and to give the fans a platform to support their favorite teams on a whole new level.

View the detailed rules here.

About BEYOND EPIC series:

A tournament organizer Epic Esports Events and RuHub studio reveal BEYOND EPIC series scheduled for June 2020 in collaboration with Beyond the Summit, a North American esports production studio. The event will feature two divisions: Europe/CIS and China, with a combined prize pool of $250 000. The joint tournament combines the experience of the three leading esports studios to achieve the best sportmanshow among the world’s leading regions.

BEYOND EPIC participants:



    • OG

    • Ninjas in Pyjamas

    • Team Liquid

    • Nigma

    • Team Secret

    • Alliance

    • FlyToMoon

    • Team Unique

    • B8


    • Team Empire

  • China

    • PSG.LGD

    • Vici Gaming

    • Royal Never Give Up

    • CDEC Gaming

    • Invictus Gaming

    • Team Aster

    • Sparking Arrow Gaming


The event’s group stage in Europe and CIS is scheduled for 15th through 24th June, in China – 21st through 25th June. Europe/CIS playoffs are scheduled for 25th through 28th June with a prize pool of $200 000. The Chinese division will battle for the championship title and $50 000 on 26-28th June.

Beyond the Summit is a popular esports series organizer, media content creator, and esports streaming studio situated in Los Angeles, California. BTS is an internationally acclaimed esports studio that organizes more than 12 annual series which gather millions of viewers all over the world. Beyond The Summit is known for the premium quality of its content as well as preserving the earliest spirit of esports.

Epic Esports Events has garnered international fame following the conception of its flagship series, the EPICENTER, in 2016. Featuring the strongest esports athletes from all regions of the world, the EPICENTER gathers millions of viewers worldwide, its venues always packed to the brim during the grand finals. The organizers have claimed multiple prestigious awards such as EUBEA, Eventex, MarSpo, BISPO, BEMA, and Sport Leaders Awards.

Furthermore, Epic Esports Events is the organizer of the Epic League, a regular esports league based in CIS and Europe. Over the years, EEE has partnered with a plethora of brands to deliver the best international series experience: Parimatch League, MegaFon Winter Clash, Adrenaline Cyber League, KFC Battle, and others. Epic Esports Events is a member of ESforce holding.

RuHub is a key esports media content producer and the largest Russian-based esports studio in the world. The studio boasts best casters in the region, in-depth analytics, and high-quality broadcasts of all esports world spotlight, including Valve’s esports centerpiece The International.

RuHub studio has covered the most popular and viewed events such as Dota 2 and Fortnite World Championships, CS:GO, Rainbow Six series, and even show matches with Russia’s hockey national team stars.

Esports related streams of RuHub made the studio claim the title of the most popular Twitch channel in the world in May 2019. Furthermore, RuHub’s streams made it to the top-10 of the most-watched broadcast of the first half of 2019. RuHub Studio Dota 2 channel became the most popular Russian-based channel on Twitch in 2019. Another channel of RuHub Studio, this time in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, claimed the second spot. RuHub is a member of ESforce esports holding.

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