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WePlay! Pushka League Russian-Speaking Talents


The official broadcast of WePlay! Pushka League will be taking place on April 20 – May 11. Here is the team of talents that will be sharing the story of this event with the Russian-speaking audience.
WePlay! Pushka League Russian speaking talents:

  • Yuriy “Strike” Tereshenko
  • Oleksii “yXo” Maletskiy
  • Yaroslav “Tekcac” Petrushyn
  • Alexander “DkPhobos” Kucheria
  • Ilia “Lil” Iliuk
  • Vladislav “KVYZEE” Kovalchuk
  • Eugeniy “Sh4dowehhh” Alekseev
  • Arthur “CarTmaN” Horavale
  • Ivan “Faeton” Danishevsky
  • Anton “4liver” Pavliukovets
  • Alexander “LanigirO” Potapov

Division 1 of WePlay! Pushka League consists of seven teams each from EU and CIS regions and has a prize pool of $250,000. Division 2 has eight more teams (four from each region) that will compete for an additional $5,000 and two spots in Division 1 for the next season of the league.
Source: WePlay! Esports Press Office

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