ZenSports, the mobile peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace, has announced the launch of Esports betting within its platform, including the two major titles of League of Legends and Counter-Strike: GO.
“Since launching last year, we had our best month ever in February 2020, processing over $2.5M worth of bets in our platform. But then, of course, the bottom fell out last month when all of the major sports leagues postponed their matches due to COVID-19,” Mark Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of ZenSports, said.
“It was certainly a challenging situation to be faced with last month. But we’re a scrappy, resourceful startup. Unlike larger companies that would have a tough time of adjusting, we were able to move quickly to stay relevant and continue offering our customers a great betting experience in our app,” Thomas added.
While the Esports betting market is currently a fraction of what traditional sports betting is, there is reason to believe that Esports betting is poised for major growth. As more people stay locked down due to COVID-19, the demand for at-home sports entertainment is expected to grow. Esports gives bettors the same live, reality TV style for sports that comes with traditional sporting events, without the risk of mass gatherings and crowds that the major sports leagues currently face.
“Esports was already on our roadmap to add in Q4 of 2020. COVID-19 simply accelerated that timeline. We’re confident that traditional sports leagues will return soon, and that, coupled with our new Esports offering, gives us a wide array of betting options for our customers,” Thomas said.
ZenSports is also planning to launch MMA, NASCAR and additional soccer leagues in the coming weeks.

By Niji Narayan

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