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Tencent-Backed Global Esports Federation Launches in Singapore

Global Esports Federation (GEF), a global governing body for e-sports, was officially launched in Singapore, with Tencent Esports listed as its global founding partner. The president of the federation is Chris Chan, secretary-general of Singapore National Olympic Council.
GEF’s vice-presidents include Wei Jizhong, former secretary-general of the Chinese Olympic Committee; Charmaine Crooks, a former Olympian and founder of NGU consultants; and Cheng Wu, vice-president of Tencent Holdings and CEO of Tencent Pictures.
At its launch conference, the federation stated it wanted to be “the voice and authority for the worldwide esports movement.” Its key objectives include establishing national esports federations, an athlete commission, guidelines related to fair play, doping, and governance structures.
Some of the initial board members for GEF include Chris Overholt, CEO of OverActive Media and former CEO of the Canadian Olympic Committee; Chester King, CEO of the British Esports Association; Lorenzo Giorgetti, chief business officer of soccer club AC Milan; and Adrian Lismore, chief investment officer of Calypso Investment and former chief business officer of British Petroleum.

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