The 2019 BPT Europe–the 6th Boyaa Poker Tournament (“BPT”) held by Boyaa Interactive, concluded successfully at King’s Resort, Rozvadov, Czech on 8 December 2019. With over 600 players from 20 countries competing in the games, Karl Rupprec from Germany won the major championship.
As Chinese online game companies are entering overseas markets at a faster speed with a stronger desire, they need strong products and the vision of where cyber games are headed.
Since 2019, Boyaa Interactive has been holding online competitions for card and board games to promote its brand presence. From an industry perspective, e-sports games are now in the spotlight. As shown in the Gaming Industry Report for H1 2019 released by GPC, China’s e-sports market recorded sales revenue of RMB46.5 billion during H1 2019, up 11.3% year-on-year, with fast, stable growth over the past three years.
Fast Growth in Overseas Revenue due to High-Quality Mind Sports Games
In H1 2019, Boyaa Interactive successfully held the 2019 BPT Asia–the 5th BPT event, aiming to boost user activity and loyalty, expand its user base, and build a stronger presence in the world of card and board games. This event has made Boyaa a better-known brand.
The 2019 BPT Asia, lasting for over two months from mid-April to late June 2019, covered most countries and regions in the continent. A total of approximately 500 players made it into the finals in Taiwan, with the prizes for the major games amounting to as much as NT$6.71 million.
Since 2015, BPT events have been held in European and Asian cities such as Dublin, Macau, Sanya, Taipei and Ho Chi Minh City, attracting as many as 20 million players from more than 30 countries and regions.
As shown in its Q3 2019 report, Boyaa Interactive is seeing fast growth in overseas revenue, which is far higher than domestic revenue. For the nine months ended 30 September 2019, revenue from the simplified Chinese version of Boyaa games stood at around RMB34.88 million, while revenue from other language versions amounted to approximately RMB211 million, accounting for about 88% of the company’s total operating revenue.
ARPPU Growth in Major Game through Staying True to Entertainment and Efforts on Less Developed Markets
In addition to BPT professional competitions, Boyaa Interactive also holds “Boyaa” charity matches around the country, integrating card and board games and public benefit activities in an innovative way. Besides big prizes for players, the company also makes donations, according to the total number of players and in players’ names, to the Red Cross for the education of poor children and to support garbage sorting for a better environment.
The “Boyaa” Mahjong Competition in Chengdu–the second stop in Sichuan Province of the competition series organized by the company, was held on 15 and 16 November 2019. In those events, players can enjoy both the convenience of online gaming and the excitement and fun of offline face-to-face competition.
Driven by these events, the Q3 2019 report of Boyaa Interactive shows that the ARPPU (average revenue per paying user) grew in the web-based version of Texas Hold’em (the company’s major game) and the mobile versions of other card and board games.
With Stabilizing Operating Revenue, “E-sports Games+Going Overseas” Becomes a New Path for Boyaa Interactive
Since some bank accounts of Boyaa Interactive were temporarily frozen some time earlier, there were doubts in the market whether this would affect the strategic development of the company. But it seems there is nothing to worry about considering the frequent share buybacks by the company, as well as the success of its BPT Asia and Boyaa charity competitions in the past two months.
As indicated in its latest annual report, Boyaa Interactive seems to have found the solutions to deal with the policy risk and domestic market changes. According to its Q3 2019 report, the company recorded revenue of approximately RMB85 million during Q3 2019, up by around 6.0% from the previous quarter and up by around 0.4% from the same quarter of last year. The growth was mainly due to the impact of the policy risk factor on its revenue being controlled, and an increase in revenue benefiting from the promotion activities conducted by the company in the third quarter of 2019.
According to Boyaa Interactive’s interim results, its revenue in Q2 2019 grew by approximately 0.1% compared to Q1 2019. This shows that the earnings of the company are stabilizing and the impact of the policy risk factor on its revenue is under control.
Boyaa Interactive has gradually returned to stable development through effective measures such as business transformation. This, together with continual revenue growth driven by e-sports games and the smooth expansion in the overseas markets, are the reasons why the company’s operating revenue is expected to increase in the future to come.
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