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RuHub Studio presents logo restyling and new brand style elements


A leading Russian-based esports broadcasts studio RuHub (a member of ESforce holding) has reinvented the logo, introduced new elements to its brand style and broadcast production. These design solutions aim to freshen up the studio’s visual perception and solve various objectives that arise while covering international esports events. The grand reveal is planned for ESL New York 2019 CS:GO tournament that will take place 26th through 29th September 2019.

That was the official part. With it out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the updates – in first person.

Anton Oleynik, RuHub studio general producer: “You’ve probably noticed the way visual components of our broadcasts changed over this year. We strived to reflect our ideas in the new design.

New style principles

A new, light style flexibly compliments the updated logo. The graphics dynamically adjust to any content, creating a clear and memorable style.

Logo and colors

Since we value our past, we’ve decided against building a new logo from scratch. However, as we change and grow, so does our logo.

The new logo is simpler and neater – we’ve got rid of round corners and extra weight in it. Additionally, the colors are more vivid, more catchy, and better for setting the mood.

In addition to the updated logo pattern, we’ve created a new, self-efficient symbol – and you’re very familiar with it. It’s our logo’s “Play” button. We could spend hours reflecting at its deep meaning as a symbol of development, but we simply suggest you hit the button and jump right into it.


Animation and intercuts

Our old digital planet background officially – and honorably – retires. An updated design which serves to highlight and compliment the on-screen content will take its place.

We have designed a set of patterns to be used for presentation spaces in “Lego” style. Every element is highly customizable: from form and function to color.

As for intercuts for various tournaments, we use fonts and colors of the events broadcast by the studio. In doing so, we create a symbiosis of our studio’s and event’s designs, building a general, easily recognizable identity no matter the covered event.

Content presentation

Using these elements as a base, we’ve created updated backgrounds and banners. This way our livestreams will no longer be flat and faceless.

We hope our new stuff won’t disappoint you. See you at ESL One New York!”.


About RuHub: the studio is a key media content producer for esports audience and the largest Russian-speaking esports studio in the world. RuHub studio is a member of ESforce esports holding.


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