, the leading nutrition company in gaming and esports, announced that it has launched its Liquid Meal, a ready-to-drink complete and balanced meal for gamers to optimize performance and satisfy hunger. Increasingly more esports athletes are training in a similar fashion as traditional athletes and the product portfolio is equipped with ingredients that complement the rigorous training of esports athletes by offering convenient and comprehensive nutrition to improve both health and performance. creates nutrition solutions to meet the specific needs of gamers and offer healthier food and beverage alternatives. Developed by nutritional and sports physicians, the Liquid Meal accounts for one-fourth of daily nutrition needs and contains a well-balanced mix of carbs, proteins, fats, and 25 essential vitamins and minerals. replaces commonly used sugars with isomaltulose, a natural form of carbohydrates that produces a slow and long-lasting increase in energy instead of a sudden spike. The inclusion of BCAAs (amino acids) aid in supporting effective muscle recovery and endurance. The Liquid Meal satisfies hunger, supplies long-lasting stamina, increases concentration and stabilizes energy levels to eliminate the crash associated with traditional sugary junk food.

“Gamers have mental sharpness, cognitive reactions and psychological traits comparable to professional athletes. They require comprehensive and convenient nutrition options that sharpen motor skills, support rapid decision making, and improve overall mental clarity,” said Raul Del Cid, Founder and CEO. “Through products like our Liquid Meal, gamers can avoid unhealthy snacks that are detrimental to performance and fuel up on convenient vitamin and mineral enriched meals to keep them operating at their peak levels.”

The Liquid Meal joins an existing strong portfolio of products including the “Next Level Meal,” a complete meal shake prepared within a minute; the “Performance Drink,” a crash-free energy drink; the “OP Shot,” an energy boost formulated with green tea extract, tyrosine and multivitamins; and the “MEGABITE,” a smart protein bar.

Pricing and availability

The Liquid Meal Chocolate is available now in the store. Liquid Meals can be purchased at €23,90 for a six-pack and €39,90 for a twelve-pack.

About is focused on building the next generation of nutrition solutions for gamers and esports athletes. products contain high-performance ingredients such as isomaltulose, BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), proteins, and nootropics to help athletes achieve peak physical and mental operating levels. is backed by investors including BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, Everblue Management, and Döhler Ventures.

By George Miller

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