Super League Gaming (“Super League” or the “Company”) (NasdaqCM: SLGG), a leading community of gamers who connect through the Company’s live, digital and social content brands and experiences, announced today the creation of a proprietary audience network composed of its expanding content and creator-centric digital properties. Collectively, Super League has more than 850,000 registered users and followers and generates more than 15 million video views and 40 million impressions per month.

Super League’s network includes social media, live streaming, video-on-demand and website-based offerings that provide gamers with multiple forms of content designed to celebrate their love of play and to support their boundless creativity. Whether through gameplay highlights, live-streamed esports competitions, original lifestyle series or custom-designed digital gameplay environments, Super League’s audience is constantly creating, watching and engaging, making this otherwise elusive demographic accessible on an always-on basis.
“As our community has grown, we’ve become increasingly focused on surrounding gamers and fans with content they crave,” said Ann Hand, CEO of Super League Gaming. “Through strategic acquisitions and creative content programming, we have assembled an enviable collection of digital and social channels that reach a broad and passionate user base, which is now available as a media platform.”
Super League’s digital properties provide a level of scale that complements the company’s live esports events, which bring gamers together in 35 local markets across the U.S. at PC gaming centers, Topgolf restaurants, movie theaters and more. The Company’s live experiences include the only national city-vs-city amateur esports tournament, Super League’s City Champs.
“By including content from our live experiences in live stream broadcasts, social videos and original shows, we’re creating content that is uniquely compelling to our audience,” said Matt Edelman, chief commercial officer of Super League Gaming. “By celebrating our community in our content, we’re making it more exciting to join and follow Super League. This virtuous growth cycle is the defining quality of a next generation esports content network.”
Super League’s primary digital properties include:

  • SuperLeagueTV, a branded channel on Twitch and YouTube featuring Super League’s live competitions, City Clubs and esports leagues, as well as original live and video-on-demand shows such as:
    • City Exhibitions, a live streamed series with multiple weekly episodes featuring players from Super League’s branded City Clubs battling for supremacy and local bragging rights across multiple game titles.
    • Spawn Point, a daily YouTube show in which hosts Kim Horcher, Rich Slaton and MadMagical present top plays from the Super League community across multiple game titles, along with some of the latest gaming news, often presented in unexpected ways.
    • Queue Dodgers, a weekly variety esports show featuring pro shoutcasters who are joined by a rotating group of guests asked to participate in a gauntlet of entertaining games and tasks.
    • Patch Libs, an original series designed to make you laugh! Super League players send in their best “fill-in-the-blank” submissions to complete the patch notes of popular video games.
    • Super League Weekly, a roundup of all the cool stuff that happened at Super League in the most recent week, presented by the Super League staff.
  • Framerate, one of the fastest growing social video networks in gaming, with multiple channels on Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok, as well as original content series on InstagramTV and FacebookWatch:
    • Framerategg, a robust user generated gameplay highlights channel showcasing content from thousands of players across more than a dozen popular game titles.
    • Framerate_fn, one of the largest user generated gameplay highlights channels featuring one of the biggest video games in the world, Fortnite Battle Royale.
    • Framerate Weekly, an original series keeping up with the most fun news in esports, with host Buddy Hutton.
    • Rekt Reel, an original weekly show featuring the best highlights submitted to Framerate that week.
  • Minehut, a vibrant Minecraft community in which players create their own Minecraft worlds where friends can share, socialize and play together.
    • Block Party, a monthly digital gameplay live stream in which a Minecraft YouTuber creates their own world and invites fans to play with them in their personalized mini-game.
    • Minehut 101, a weekly series in which Minehut gurus answer live questions from creators about how to better customize their worlds.

About Super League Gaming
Super League Gaming, Inc. (NasdaqCM: SLGG) is a leading esports community and content platform for competitive, everyday gamers, fans and friends of all ages and skill levels. With a focus on positive and inclusive gameplay, Super League enables players to experience their sport like the pros while also developing sportsmanship, communication and team-building skills. Powered by a proprietary technology platform, Super League operates physical and digital experiences in partnership with publishers of top-tier games. Local movie theatres, PC cafes, restaurant and entertainment venues are transformed into esports arenas where gamers compete, socialize, spectate and celebrate the amateur esports lifestyle. Super League’s platform offers unique amateur esports experiences that not only ratchet up the competition for avid gamers, but also attract audiences with elite amateur broadcasts that transform physical venues as well as fuel SuperLeagueTV’s Twitch and YouTube channels.  

By Zoltan Tundik

Zoltán Tűndik-Kiszner-Szilágyi is the Co-Founder, Co-Owner and Head of Business at Hipther Agency, parent brand of WireUp, European Gaming, PICANTE, and Gaming Americas. Zoltán is a self-taught publisher and events organizer who has developed several brands and services that have increased the notoriety of his company within several multi-billion industries. Among the developed brands and services you can find online news portals that cover several tech industries, gaming, blockchain, fintech, artificial intelligence, and more. In parallel, the company has built a portfolio of annually organized boutique-style conferences in Europe and North America. All the events organized by his company focus on bringing a wealth of information about the latest innovation in several industries such as Entertainment, Technology, Gaming and Gambling, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Quantum Technology, Legal Cannabis, Health and Lifestyle, VR/AR, eSports and many more.