Luminosity Gaming has signed deal with four celebrity esports influencers and launched the “LG Fortnite House,” a house and content hub for the Luminosity roster of gaming and esports professionals. The Luminosity team will be living and playing out of the house in Florida, and will continue to create rich content for the existing Luminosity Fanbase.
The four celebrity gaming influencers are Formula, Kiwiz, Nicks and Randumb. Each new influencer adds a unique element to the rapidly growing Luminosity team:
Formula, AKA Alex Kushelevskiy, started his career in gaming managing a number of popular organisations, eventually deciding to pursue a career as a creator. He has built a following through Fortnite of over 1,400,000 subscribers.
Kiwiz, AKA John Payne, rose to fame on YouTube as a content creator in Fortnite, building a subscriber base of over 1,800,000 subscribers.
Nicks, AKA Nick Spoerke, began his career as a creator in Call of Duty on Fortnite. He has a fan base of over 1,800,000 subscribers.
Randumb, AKA Jordan Schneider, began his career on YouTube in early 2015, building his initial fan base in Call of Duty. Following his switch to Fortnite, he has built a fan base of over 2,000,000 subscribers.
“Welcoming Formula, Kiwiz, Nicks, and Randumb to Luminosity adds another new and unique creative element to our growing franchise. We are on a mission to collaborate with players, influencers, and creators that can engage with our amazing fans, while we continue to build one of the leading esports team in the world,” Steve Maida, President of Luminosity said.
“We are excited with the growth of Luminosity’s team of talent and their ability to execute on the business model. Luminosity is a leader in discovering and developing gaming talent, content creators and influencers which will add almost 60 million followers to the combined network,” Menashe Kestenbaum, Founder and CEO of Enthusiast said.
“Welcoming four new influencers and the launch of the LG House in Florida, is an excellent growth step for Luminosity. Collectively, we are working on closing the announced merger, while we continue to operate and grow successful businesses within the gaming ecosystem,” Kestenbaum added.

By Niji Narayan

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