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Intel Talks with IOC About Inclusion of Esports in Olympics

Intel has discussed with the International Olympic Committee about the potential for e-sports among the Olympic Games.
“There are discussions between Intel and the Olympic Committee on, are there other things we could showcase for you, but nothing at this point is confirmed but there are conversations,” an executive for Intel said.
“Intel is the technology partner for the Olympic Committee and for the Olympics, so as we look at deploying all types of different technology at the Olympics, so how do we help deploy 5G, etc, so I think as part of that technology discussion. There are two-way discussions on what is e-sports, and again, from the Olympic Committee standpoint, they’re really asking us to help them understand what e-sports is,” he added.
The organisers of Paris Olympics 2024 held similar talks about including e-sports during the next Olympic Games, in a bid to make the French capital an e-sports hub for Europe.

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