The builder of world-class esports and gaming centers decided to change its name from EGENCY to Abacus3 after the company’s mission and direction evolved. Abacus3’s new focus is to empower students through esports by growing communities on university campuses with its permanent, turnkey solutions and ongoing support.


EGENCY, founded in 2018 as a premier esports production, marketing and talent management firm, has announced the company will change its name to Abacus3 effective immediately. EGENCY’s leadership was compelled to choose a new name which embodies their core mission of creating unparalleled esports and gaming centers that empower future leaders to collaborate and create.

According to company President Mark Nausha, “The esports and video gaming space is rapidly changing. The community is always building, growing, and evolving, and we felt we needed to go to market with a name that signifies that we are much more than merely an agency specializing in esports.”

As the company’s leadership team pondered names, Abacus3 rose to the top of the list. CEO Greg Skasko explains why, “We felt it was a very fresh take on a familiar name. The abacus is a basic building block for math, while we provide the building blocks for esports on college campuses—a facility where students can collaborate, innovate and grow. The number 3 also resonated with us because our messaging kept intersecting at three words, in particular, the value we facilitate through competition, career and community.”

Today, esports isn’t just about the competition and how people traditionally think about the industry. As Nausha explains, “It’s a new way people are connecting in communities and socializing. It’s also about giving students and others who utilize esports venues potential career opportunities, whether in esports or not. Our solution helps broaden those communities, connect universities with one another and provides a base framework for the university, in collaboration with Abacus3, to respond to the continual evolution of esports.”

In order to achieve its mission, Abacus3 takes a novel approach to esports community building. The company provides a permanent, turnkey solution that includes the design, building and programming of world-class esports and gaming centers on university campuses.

Unlike traditional venue builders, the Abacus3 solution is funded through strategic brand relationships, which means there is little to no cost to students, the university or its donors. After the infrastructure is built, Abacus3 also provides a general manager to support the facility, along with ongoing marketing, content and programming support. The company is committed to supporting its university partners for the long-term, while providing value to local communities.

“Our goal is to support and empower the college students, but ultimately, everyone will benefit from this. Along with future industry leaders and pro esports players, benefits will also trickle down to the high schools, middle schools and even younger people who can utilize these facilities. By taking this philosophy to universities around the country and around the world, students, pros, universities and the local communities can all benefit,” Skasko says.

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Abacus3 builds world-class esports and gaming centers. By empowering universities and brands to leverage the emerging world of esports, we create a space for students to connect, compete, learn, innovate, and gain critical real-world experience.

Our innovative approach to developing community benefits all parties. Universities witness substantial boosts in recruiting, ranking, and revenue, while brands gain privileged, exclusive access to an elusive demographic. Most important, our inherently sustainable solution benefits students. Through our exciting, top-of-the-line facilities, students build community, competition, and career as they become the leaders of tomorrow.

Abacus3. Empowering Students through Esports.

By George Miller

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