SCCG Management and Activate Entertainment today announced a partnership to launch a one stop shop aimed at servicing all esport needs of casino properties across the United States.
Together, SCCG Management and Activate Entertainment provide casino entertainment companies with a credible pathway into the esports market with an offering that includes

  • 360 turnkey event management
  • Livestream production
  • Tournament operation
  • Custom Activation Creation
  • Media & Promotions

The formal partnership brings Activate Entertainment’s successful track record with clients like Caesars Entertainment, Alienware, World Series of Poker and Dell into SCCG Management’s engagement with Gameworksas well as a group of signed casino partners to be announced in the coming weeks. Said Activate’s Chris Iaquinta, “With esports still at a nascent stage, I believe casino companies require a “one stop shop” to meet their varied and evolving business objectives.”
The explosive growth experienced year-on-year within the esports industry is driving growing demand from non-endemic sponsors and the casino entertainment industry to associate themselves with the Esports space. Said SCCG Management’s Stephen Crystal, “No two casino properties have the same needs, so we are excited to partner with Activate Entertainment to provide a ‘One Stop Shop’ with customization features, to satisfy what the casino market is looking for right now.”
As a leader in bringing cutting edge technology to the casino industry, SCCG Management in partnership with companies like Activate Entertainment provide a bridge for casino companies and non-endemic sponsors to get into Esports.
About SCCG Management:
SCCG specializes in investment in, and development of worldwide brands, representation before governmental agencies for complex regulatory matters, intellectual property, and strategic business development within international land based casino, internet gambling, gaming, esports and entertainment markets.
About Activate Entertainment:
Activate Entertainment is a creative management and production services company that specializes in producing unique location-based entertainment theme attractions and exclusively branded video game projects and events. Founded by Chris Iaquinta and Dirk Hagen the company has offices in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
Source: SCCG Management, LLC

By George Miller

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