One of the season’s highlights for Dota 2 fans will kick off on May 25-26 at Loft Hall, Moscow


Supported by Adrenaline Rush® premium energy drink, four esports teams will battle for championship and a $100,000 prize. Three world’s most famous teams including, which tops the global ranking of professional Dota 2 teams, received invitations from the organizers to take part in the tournament finals.

The fourth finalist of the tournament will be determined by a series of open and closed qualifiers. Anyone can win a chance to challenge the world’s top Dota 2 teams.

You can register for the Open Qualifiers here:

The organizers also announce a special add-up for the spectators: for the first time ever LAN finals will be held in a 360° format. This means that esports fans at Loft Hall will have the best immersive experience and feel part of an outstanding esports event. The event will feature thematic signing sessions with the tournament participants. Meanwhile the energy drink Adrenaline Game Fuel, tailored specifically for professional esports players and video game enthusiasts, will charge up runners-up and spectators all throughout the playoffs.

Adrenaline Cyber League is part of Adrenaline Game Changers movement. The goal of the movement launched by the brand last year is to fight stereotypes and prejudice against gamers. The official manifesto addressing the gaming community is published on the Game Changers movement’s YouTube channel.

2017 was the first year Adrenaline Cyber League esports tournament supported by a premium energy drink brand Adrenaline Rush® hosted competitions in Dota 2. Previously, the brand organized three Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments.


About Adrenaline Rush®

Adrenaline Rush® is PepsiCo energy non-alcoholic drink that has no artificial colors and flavors.

Adrenaline Rush® is well-known among wide range of consumers: since its launch, the brand has demonstrated continuous growth and has been one of the market leaders for many years.

Since 2016, brand owns Adrenaline Cyber League esports tournament.

About PepsiCo in Russia:

PepsiCo is the largest food and beverage company in Russia*. Around 19 000 employees work at central and regional offices, as well as at numerous production sites of the company.

Today, PepsiCo is one of the leaders in the segments of carbonated, non-carbonated and energy drinks with such brands as Pepsi®, 7UP®, Mirinda®, Adrenaline Rush®, Russky Dar®, etc., the chips and snacks market with Lay’s®, Cheetos®, HrusTeam®, the segment of juices, morses and nectars with such brands as Ya®, Fruktovy Sad®, J7®, Lyubimy®, etc., the dairy market with Domik v derevne®, Vesely Molochnik®, Chudo®, BioMax®, Imunele®, and the baby food market with Agusha® and Chudo detki®, as well as the segment of bottled water with Aqua Minerale®, Rodniki Rossii®.

PepsiCo is also Russia’s largest industrial processor of potatoes and one of the largest processors of raw milk. The company invests heavily in the implementation of programs aimed at boosting the performance of potatoes and raw milk suppliers, improving the quality and volume of raw materials supplied.

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*According to the RAEX-600-2018 ranking of the largest companies by sales volume by the ranking agency “Expert RA”


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