“Sportsbook iFrame solution has the potential to be one of the most profitable products in gaming,” according to Betinvest’s Valentyn Kyrylenko, VP of Business Development as the company continues to develop its ground-breaking new technology. The Sportsbook iFrame, which provides clients with a comprehensive Sportsbook management function, is set to make waves across the gaming landscape by putting the company’s clients in control of their offerings, advertising and international expansion at the push of a button.
New technology permeates all aspects of our lives in today’s society and the gaming industry has continually embodied the most innovative and futurist aspects of pushing new technology to its limits. Embracing this aspect of gaming, Betinvest remains at the forefront of tech development with its latest venture of the Sportsbook iFrame product, giving operators a comprehensive solution with more capability than ever before. Commenting on their latest product, Valentyn Kyrylenko explained: “Our Sportsbook iFrame is very attractive to players and operators alike. With its Sportsbook management function it gives operators the opportunity to use a variety of different tools, such as creating business reports, teasers and promotions, as well as being able to see the turnovers for both main sports and other activities. We spent a lot of time on developing and implementing a variety of innovative features to improve the UI/UX design.”
“I think that Sportsbook iFrame has the potential to be one of the most profitable products in gaming. It makes the process starting Sportsbook business very simple. If we talk about Sportsbook, for example, operators don’t need to employ a large team of experts to work with and support it: when using our Sportsbook iFrame, all that operators need to do is to work with their players. Meanwhile, we take care of all technical, technological and trading aspects of the business. This technology is very promising for the whole gaming industry as it gives us the opportunity to help expand businesses even faster across the world.”
Betinvest offers the only Sportsbook iFrame technology in the industry that is customised specifically for eSports allowing businesses to operate in any region and with unique design and branding capabilities to suit market requirements as well as a company’s personal preferences and needs. Explaining the eSports product within the overall iFrame solution, Kyrylenko said: “For every Sportsbook iFrame client, we create a system tailored to them. The success of this product is all down to our flexibility when it comes to the technical aspects. Sports betting products are our speciality: we know what the sportsbook needs to be successful, and through our iFrame solution, we can offer our whole range of products with the simplest way to start using them. We have also made one of the best solutions on the market for mobile devices, which scales down automatically from the desktop version.”
Cyber security and risk management are key factors when operating online businesses, something which has been a core focus of Betinvest whilst developing their latest iFrame solutions. Whilst the iFrame is a frontend part of the platform, Kyrylenko claims operators will benefit from increased data and security control when processing information such as storing data or using clients’ personal data remains on the operator side. “IFrame means that our clients are in control – they can apply any necessary settings or customisations to ensure the safety of the business themselves. All the data we exchange is encoded, not personalised, so even in the event of a data breach, information about customers and their transactions won’t be compromised.”
In addition to its eSports iFrame option and security capabilities, one of the additional marketing features of the iFrame technology is the enhanced marketing potential. Explaining how operators can benefit, Kyrylenko said: “We also included solutions hugely useful for advertising, so we also offer a number of marketing tools allowing for the creation of teasers, promotions and interface changes autonomously. Operators will swiftly and easily be able to control and adapt to the specifics and trends of the market or sports schedule through their back-end settings. In addition, we provide our partners with very important tools for analysing the operational aspect of their business, which is very rarely found in iFrame based products.”
Ahead of its rollout, Betinvest has clarified the iFrame tech was developed first and foremost with its clients in mind. For Betinvest clients, the company claims the advent of this solution means they’ll save a considerable amount of time when integrating Sportsbook whilst receiving support from the company’s market leading team of sports betting product specialists. Kyrylenko concluded: “Every businessperson is interested in minimising their operational costs and reducing the number of personnel needed to maintain a highly efficient business. Our iFrame solution offers precisely that and more. When we think about new markets, we consider how products can be customised to suit local needs, and about our clients’ options. With the Sportsbook iFrame solution, operators can launch sports betting in a matter of hours, quickly change the frontend view and the manner of providing information because these changes don’t affect the core aspects of the client’s platform. Thanks to this approach and new technology, we can adapt any business for any market.”

By George Miller

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