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Esports Symposium For Investors And Brand Businesses To Educate, Collaborate, And Network

Announcing a trailblazing one-day conference event, Esports Tech Invest, to be held on May 2, 2019 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York Citywww.esportsti.comproduced by Global Training Events Group. This cutting-edge conference provides an opportunity to navigate emerging trends in the esports and video gaming industry. The event brings together all aspects of the esports and gaming industry for a day of exposure to innovations, new products, investment opportunities, inspiration and networking.
The event will create a better awareness of esports tech investments, timely current esports and video gaming trends and disruptive technological advances. Keynote Speakers will cover topics such as esports data & analytics, blockchain – an enabling technology in esports, capital raising strategies, networking and hands on interaction with the latest advancements in the next generation of esports companies that touch on VR, AR, AI and a host of other companies that support the data analytic needs of players, publishers and marketers.
“The event brings together under one roof all business aspects of the esports ecosystem” says Event Organizer David Vogel of Kayon Partners. Featured speakers will discuss esports role in technology advancement, data collection, strategies marketers can use to translate esports analytics into powerful touchpoints, and a showcase of innovation and vendor demonstrations.
Steve Garrow of Kayon Partners/Event Organizer says “Esports Tech Invest offers the opportunity to tap into ways to profit from these trends and to hear from some of the leading investors and operators in the space”. The conference will give investors the opportunity to be in step with current trends and to see upfront what is driving the explosive growth in the esports industry. It will provide an opportunity to learn from industry leaders to expand personal networks in this emerging industry and to see how esports is changing organizational culture for major consumer brand companies and professional sports teams. On-site vendors will provide attendees hands-on access to current and future esports technological advances.
The conference runs from 9AM – 6PM, with a lunch time Keynote Speaker. The day’s rich agenda is divided among presentations, panel discussions, networking breaks, and hands on esports technology showcase match and demonstrations. For more information on attendee registration, sponsorship, exhibit speaking opportunities contact Dawn Pratt at [email protected]  or call (203) 255-2112.

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