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Norway launches national eSports team for FIFA

Norway’s governing body of soccer has created its own national esports team to field teams for FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer.
The Football Association of Norway (NFF), the national governing body of soccer in Norway, has launched a national eSports team for FIFA tournament. Belgium became third European country to do so, France and Belgium being the first two. The Norwegian esports team comprises six players who play in a dedicated esports arena at Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo.
The federation recently conducted FIFA tournament in which 350 players from the country participated. The tournament was streamed through TV2 Sumo streaming, to an estimated audience of 50,000 people.
The NFF chose three players for its esports team from the tournament.
Norwegian FA’s esports manager Mats Theie Bretvik said: “There is a lot of skillful FIFA-players in Norway, and there is definitely a connection between FIFA gamers and ‘real’ football. We want Norway to be a leading sports Federation when it comes to esport. Our goal is to connect gamers with football, and to bring our values about a healthy lifestyle and Fair Play into the gaming environment. Finally, we want to win a major esport tournaments at the highest level against other national Federations.”

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