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Hangzhou sets eyes to become world’s esports capital

The local government of Hangzhou town, arguably the most scenic of all tourist attractions in China and the venue of the next Asian Games in 2022, has built a big esports complex to stake claim for being the esports capital of the world. The town, known for picturesque lakes and ancient temples, now also boasts of the 3.94–million-square-feet complex that is estimated to It cost ¥2 billion RMB ($280 million).
Top gaming companies have already taken note of the development. LGD Gaming, a Chinese esports organisation that manages several successful teams, and Allied Gaming, which runs a network of esports, have opened a joint office and esports venue in the complex. LGD’s League of Legends team will also be based in the complex.
According to an article on the government-run website People.cn, the city expects the complex to attract more than 10,000 aspiring esports professionals and ¥1 billion RMB ($140 million) in tax revenues, Esports Observer reports. Hangzhou said it plans to build 14 esports facilities before 2022 and will invest up to ¥15.45 billion RMB ($2.22 billion) to do so. These new projects will include a theme park, an esports academy, an esports-themed hotel, and even a hospital specialising in treating players.
This is the first of its kind complex in China. There are some more similar ventures in the pipeline. Chinese company Tencent, the largest video-game company in the world, is constructing a facility in Wuhu. Another company, Taicang, is also planning to build an esports facility.

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