Here is an interview with Michele Morrow, actress, host, and writer who has hosted ELEAGUE for Tekken and Street Fighter V
Here, she explains how she reached so far in eSports. Initiation into eSports well, when I was a kid, my mom actually got the Commodore 64. My sister and I were really little and we were playing things like impossible Mission and Pac-Man and all sorts of things. Jumpman was my favourite, actually. And then I graduated to the NES. I got it on my 10th birthday, and I was the only kid on the block who had it. Growing up with video games was an activity that everyone in the neighbourhood would come to your house and do after school. Everyone would play games and it was something everyone would do together. So that’s sort of how I grew up, playing games. It was not until later on and I moved to LA, I was doing acting for a little while and did not play as much.
About 10 years after I moved to Los Angeles, I got severely injured in a bad accident, and I was in a neck brace for a better part of a year and ended up playing video games. And I played a bunch of games including God of War II and World of Warcraft.
Professional career
At first, I was just really bored and trying to figure out what to do, because I was bedridden and trapped at home. I could not drive or do anything. So a friend of mine was writing for HelloGiggles, and they said they wanted to have someone who wrote about video games. So I started to write for them. I did that for a couple years (from 2011 to 2014). So I did a column called “Level Up.” I wrote about video games and gender, but more as an overarching look at gaming. Every single month I spotlighted one female character. That was what my column focused on, and then it began to focus on other things.
I was able to really use that experience at HelloGiggles and translate into hosting. A friend of mine was working for a company called BiteSize TV, and it was a new digital startup network, and they needed somebody to review apps. I did a show called App Attack, and I just reviewed apps on my iPhone and turned that into a show. BiteSize TV gave me several opportunities there, so I had a show called Chaotic Awesome which I executive produced, and I started writing for Nerdist a little bit, and a couple other outlets like Cinefantastique. I was so obsessed with World of Warcraft, and I was writing so much on World of Warcraft and I was such a big fan – they were looking for a new host for BlizzCon and I auditioned and I got it. 2014 became my first-year co-anchoring BlizzCon.
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