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PostFinance announces Esports team

PostFinance, the Switzerland-based bank, has announced that it would launch an esports team next year. The bank would launch its own League of Legends Database-Link-e1521645463907 squad on 1 January 2019.
The bank will provide complete funding for the team for the first year, including funds for providing accommodation and hiring coaching staff plus a 2.5K Swiss francs ($2.5K USD) monthly salary for each player. Formanaging the team, PostFinance has roped in Swiss esports agency MYI Entertainment.
PostFinance is terming this move “The Esports Experiment.” Rather than looking to establish its own long-term esports organisation, the company plans to use the experiment to learn about esports.
According to the announcement, “PostFinance wants to use a digital experiment to gain valuable experience in this exciting market, which remains a niche in Switzerland, and appeal to young, digitally adept customers.”
To that end, the team will use PostFinance’s digital products and services to create a budget and track their own expenses. The process will be documented, enabling the bank to market its digital products directly to esports fans. According to PostFinance, this is a step towards the company’s goal of “becoming the leading digital bank in Switzerland by the end of 2020.” To achieve that goal, the bank wants to tailor its products and services to appeal to digital and mobile markets, which lines up well with the esports audience.
Source: esportsobserver.com

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