Play2Live (P2L), the world’s first ever blockchain-technology decentralised streaming platform for gamers and esports enthusiasts, launches a venture fund that focuses on seed investments in gaming and esports projects. The initial value of the fund is $2M. In future, the fund will enhance its value attracting new partners.
Alexey Burdyko, CEO and founder at Play2Live, will become a managing partner of the fund. Burdyko is one of the industry leaders of the esports market in Eastern Europe and CIS. Play2Live raised $30M in total funds during a successful token sale event under his leadership.
The fund will be focused on projects from Eastern European countries and CIS. Each project will receive $50K to $150K amount of investments. The fund team have already planned to hold 48 hours hackathons in Minsk, Moscow and Kazan, uniting developers, gamedev specialists, machine learning and blockchain pros. The prize fund for each hackathon will be $10K. During these hakatons, the fund will be looking for the projects in the field of computer vision in games, game characters intellectual behaviour training, game strategy optimisation, game data analysis and matches outcome prediction. The hackathons will be the first of their kind in Eastern Europe to merge blockchain technology and gaming industry. Alongside, in the coming months the fund will announce the first deals.
“It is extremely important for us to support fast-paced, rich in opportunities esports market. Every day we receive calls from projects preparing for the token sale, or various startups looking for financial investments. To help them in the most efficient way and to identify the most promising ones, we decided together with Play2Live partners and investors to launch a fund and start working right away. And of course, we will consider potential synergy with Play2Live. Our platform provides expanded ecosystem open for partnerships with promising young market players,” comments Alexey Burdyko.
The fund team will unite global gaming, esports and venture industries leaders. The fund will form an advanced advisory board that will consist of current large-scale esports companies’ representatives and gaming market professionals. “We would like to invite investors and other funds to collaborate with us, because the prospects in the industry are tremendous, and we understand it, as no one else. Our experience and connections will help all the partners to achieve success,” concluded Alexey.
Source: Play2Live

By Niji Narayan

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