The Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS), a non-profit organisation of all the lottery operators in the world that monitors the betting activities in order to ensure fair practices, plans to focus on Esports betting as well. It has joined Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC), another non-profit organisation that aims to counter betting fraud and malpractices in Esports, to eliminate illegal Esports betting practices. Once it joined the coalition, the number of suspicious alerts on gambling as increased.
The GLMS grew out of a body of people keen to keep “integrity” as a core value of our sporting systems. As we head towards a technological singularity, never before has it been so simple to place a bet, and therefore rig one.
The GLMS has hubs in both Denmark and Hong Kong and has 27 partners throughout the globe, united in scrutinising betting patterns to identify potential leaks in the security systems of those earning a crust from the sports betting business, including the worldwide lottery organisations.
As the weekend died in glorious sunshine, the GLMS turned its attention to the world of esports and decided the best way to ensure the same practices that have plagued football and tennis do not repeat via a joystick and headset, was to join the ESIC.
GLMS President, Ludovico Calvi, believes now is the time to act as the global appeal of digital entertainment amongst millennials shifts to an unprecedented level. Ian Smith, ESIC Commissioner, called GLMS a “great asset” in their fight against the Darth Vadars and Arsene Wengers of the world.
According to a joint press release celebrating the relationship, the two bodies have been working together in an unofficial capacity for some time.
The European Lotteries alone generate more than $2 billion for the benefit of sport.
The GLMS calls the powerhouses: Lottomatica, China Sports Lottery and Danske Spil as best buddies, and they join the likes of Unikrn, ESL and the UKGC as members of ESIC.

By Niji Narayan

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